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A Brief Look at the Printing Revolution and the Power of Books

   Today we take printed books for granted. But before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450, books were a luxury only the wealthy could afford. Gutenberg’s invention changed that forever. The ability to reproduce books efficiently and economically launched humanity into a new age of information, education and enlightenment for the masses. This is the story of a 15th century inventor and how his magnificent machine changed our world.

     The full-color, softcover book is 6" x 9." It has 52 pages and more than 30 photographs and illustrations. It includes a simplified schematic explaining how Gutenberg manufactured his movable metal type.

About this Book

Aaron Keirns has worked in the printing and publishing industry for more than 40 years. Because of his interest in printing, he traveled to Mainz, Germany, to visit the Gutenberg Museum. This book came about as a result of that visit.

Johannes Gutenberg: Man of the Millennium

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