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America's Forgotten Airship Disaster

    On a stormy September morning in 1925, the giant Navy airship Shenandoah tumbled out of the sky and crashed into aviation history. The 682-ft. dirigible was twisted in two by the winds and fell into the hills of southeastern Ohio. The bow and stern landed 12 miles apart. The ship's commander and 13 others were killed in the crash. 

Thousands of curiosity-seekers swarmed the crash sites, trampling crops, flattening fences and stripping the carcass of the great ship almost bare. Army troops were called in to maintain control. As the years have passed, this historic event has all but faded from our collective memory. Now this tragic story is retold with pictures, many of which have never before been published.

The softcover book is 8" x 10" with 75 pages and over 100 black & white photographs and illustrations.

BUY LOCAL: This book is available in Ohio at these locations:
Ohio History Connection
Paragraphs Bookstore in Mt. Vernon
Garst Museum in Greenville
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